The Process

This year’s Media Agency of the Year competition started with an open call to media agencies across Canada to submit descriptions of their top three media campaigns from the past year.

The agencies invited to participate in the second round were then asked to submit three media campaigns that represented work for three different brands over the previous 12 months. The shortlisted agencies, with their scores, appear below.

After inviting professionals in the media industry to be part of the panel, the judging process began, with each judge awarding each campaign a creativity and strategy score from one to 10. Those who declared conflicts did not score the applicable cases or agencies. The scores were then tallied up and averaged, and the agency with the highest final score was declared the winner.

The Scores

Here are the judges’ averages that determined the 2011 Media Agency of the Year:

MediaCom7.98Media Experts8.14MediaCom16.07
Mindshare7.80MediaCom8.09Media Experts15.88
Media Experts7.74Mindshare7.74Mindshare15.54
OMD7.57Jungle Media7.57Initiative15.04 (tie)
Initiative7.49Initiative7.55Jungle Media15.04 (tie)
Jungle Media7.47PHD7.40PHD15.02
Carat7.40M2 Universal 7.26Carat14.73
UM7.16Cossette7.23M2 Universal14.34
M2 Universal7.08OMD7.22UM14.28