Subaru feels the heat

Subaru wanted to get urban males to start dreaming of owning one of its sports cars. So it enlisted OMD to help launch the Subaru "Scorched" campaign to literally illustrate the "hotness" that its BRZ sports model exudes.

The agency placed custom disruptive ads in urban weeklies and commuter newspapers. For example, the front cover of The Grid was converted to a lenticular that turned the 2D medium into a dynamic 3D format with the car, engulfed in flames, appearing to jump out of the front page. And in Metro and Voir, readers were confronted with an image of the car surrounded by "burnt paper" in the middle of the publication, with the following page appearing to have a hole burnt through it.

The campaign helped Subaru turn "wants" into sales. The entire production line sold out in six months and 50% of the pre-orders for the second run were reserved.