Mark's literally freezes its prices

In the winter of 2015, Canada was hit with extreme weather, which had a negative impact on retail. So Mark's launched a weather-triggered campaign, with the idea to promote in-store discounts linked to that day's temperature, using real-time weather feeds. The lower the temperature dropped, the deeper the discount.

Touché! and the retailer partnered with The Weather Network to be the first advertiser to access the network's weather feed. The brand was able to automatically activate weather-triggered ads in outdoor and mobile media, as well as on Facebook and weather websites across Canada.

In another media first, Mark's dominated city pages of The Weather Network. Page dominations are usually bought for a full 24 hour rotation and reserved months in advance. But Mark's set up weather triggers, such as the first snow storm of the season, and at any time during the day, page dominations were activated when triggers took place.

Discounts were different in each market and more than 67 million impressions were delivered. Where weather was active, sales were up 21% over the previous year.