Kodak Canada

To convince consumers to abandon their current printer and switch to a Kodak model, Media Experts created a fictional character named Fiona who represented the target: a feisty, frugal, 40-year-old woman who is the household COO, responsible for printing family pictures and school projects.

The agency sought to engage consumers when they were actually printing. The two-phase plan launched with a one-day takeover of websites, TV and newspapers that drove to Kodak’s “Print and Prosper” microsite, where visitors could discover how much money they could save by switching to a Kodak printer.

In phase two, TV moved to tactical call-to-action messages with 15-second mock “print advisories” on HGTV and Food Network that cautioned viewers that they were about to see something they may want to print, such as recipes or design templates – and that could be costly using their current printer. Online, “point of print” buys put Kodak ads on the printable content of the web page, which significantly extended the life of the campaign, since people tend to keep printouts.

Kodak saw a spike in printer sales within two weeks of the campaign launch [numbers were provided], with subsequent weeks seeing solid sales increases.