Telus TV HD

The launch of the Telus TV HD service in smaller Quebec markets like Rimouski and Baie-Comeau with limited media options – and a limited marketing budget – required a grassroots, market-by-market approach. Using a “shock guerrilla” tactic in these markets ensured that the campaign would quickly get noticed.

With the frog selected as the critter of choice for the new Telus TV product, Media Experts created the illusion of a “frog invasion” through the careful synchronization of experiential media, newspaper and radio. The campaign began with hundreds of vinyl frog decals placed on vehicles in public spaces such as mall and grocery store parking lots. This amphibious assault was augmented by a series of 10-second radio “news bulletins” advising listeners of a frog invasion in the area. Finally, local newspapers ran mock front page stories detailing the so-called frog invasion. Local TV, a 30-second radio spot, web and cinema advertising ultimately revealed the reason for the invasion – the debut of Telus TV HD.

Awareness increased dramatically over the four-week campaign period, and sales objectives were exceeded [numbers were provided].