BC Honda Dealers drive fun with new CR-V

To communicate the benefits of the new Honda CR-V, Jungle Media moved its media mix away from the traditional auto page ads to reach B.C. car buyers wherever they are, whether that's shopping or catching up on news.

On the print side, Honda wanted each feature of the vehicle to stand out individually in separate ads. To demonstrate the benefits of the rear-view camera, a translucent Metro newspaper spread showed a little girl on her bike hidden behind the SUV with a headline reading, "See what's behind you."

In grocery outlets, mini replica CR-V models were secured to conveyor belts at checkouts, with their wheels rolling along the surface as groceries moved down the line, while AdBars (the bar that separates groceries on the checkout conveyer belt) complemented the execution and delivered Honda's fuel economy message.

On the TV front, the agency worked with Global Vancouver to create a series of lifestyle-focused spots. Erin Cebula, a regular host on Global TV's Entertainment Tonight Canada, was used as the lead in a series of three ET-style segments.

The CR-V had its best February in history with sales up 25% in B.C. over the year prior, while national sales only rose 14%.