People for Good pays it forward

Media Experts set out to create a national multimedia campaign to promote kindness through People for Good - a platform where Canadians could share individual stories of generosity, and encourage everyone to help change the world one good deed at a time.

Engaging the communications industry at large would ensure the widest and most comprehensive media exposure possible. The agency targeted Canadians at multiple touchpoints throughout their day, from their morning radio, newspaper and television consumption, to the grocery store, online, in-transit and on mobile devices.

Media Experts secured free ad space from over 75 traditional media vendors nationally, totalling over 350 traditional and hundreds of online media properties contributing space exceeding $20 million in value.

The campaign launched with a full-page People for Good manifesto in all major Canadian daily newspapers. TV, radio, print, online, OOH and mobile components delivered suggestions on how Canadians could display generosity towards each other. Grocery store AdBars encouraged shoppers to let people with only a few items go ahead. Transit ads reminded commuters to surrender their seats and digital boards encouraged drivers to wave...with all five fingers.

A People for Good website, YouTube channel and Facebook page were created and Media Experts partnered in the development of an iPhone/iPad app.

In August the app was nominated by Apple for "App of the Month" and ranked in the Top 25 Most Downloaded Apps.