McDonald's accesses moms

McDonald's Canada wanted to alter perceptions about its food quality - specifically those held by moms.

The agency built the "All Access Moms" program around the insight that moms trust other moms and that they love to share knowledge among their friends. The creative execution was inspired by the fact that 77% of people trust what they read online and 92% believe what their friends say.

Influential mommy bloggers were recruited to become investigators and go behind the scenes at McDonald's (visiting kitchens, suppliers, product development and even a beef processing plant) to get the real story. They wrote and posted their own opinions with no editing from McDonald's, including answers to reader questions. Editorial vignettes of the bloggers' filmed experiences were created and aired on TV. Two "celebrity" moms - a well-known nanny and a former Olympian - joined the team and integrated this content into the show CityLine on Citytv.

The TV station showcased "All Access Moms" on a live TV finale to discuss the moms' overall experiences. Brand health success metrics such as "Has Good Quality Food" increased by 10%, and "Uses 100% Pure Beef" scores increased by 17%.