Kia drives change

Kia's youthful target had an above-average interest in supporting community and a positive living environment, so the car company came up with "Kia Drive Change Day" - a grassroots movement encouraging Canadians to become champions of change in their communities.

Zenith developed a multi-pronged, fully-integrated campaign in collaboration with media partner Shaw that included TV, radio, digital, print, social, mobile, live events and local dealership involvement.

All elements drove to, where the target was inspired to get involved, with tools to amplify impact, drive conversation and create content. An interactive map, coupled with Facebook and Twitter feeds, encouraged consumers to share their ideas for "Acts of Change" and post their events to the map tracking the movement's growing momentum.

Shaw produced 15-second customized vignettes and digital ads (featuring celebrities like Anna Olson, Paul Lafrance and Susan Hay), providing inspiration on how to "Drive Change." Shaw celebrities led and participated in local events on Aug. 21 (the first annual Kia Drive Change Day). Seven specialty networks ran Drive Change-themed movie marathons sponsored by Kia, along with homepage takeovers across 45 websites. Following Drive Change Day, TV spots, digital ads and newspaper advertorials thanked Canadians for getting involved.

Kia also offered Canadians the chance to win $25,000 towards a community project of their choice, with 225 projects nominated.

The campaign garnered 15 million digital and 127 million broadcast impressions.