BMW takes the bullet offline

Media Experts decided to ignite interest for BMW's new "Bullet" video, featuring the M5, by dominating offline media environments with ads that drove pedestrians to the brand's YouTube page.

In Vancouver and Toronto, the agency planned dominations within airports, transit shelters and areas with digital signage. The ads featured images of the video content, which showed slow-motion scenes of the vehicle driving through glass and walls, and included a QR code throw to the video.

The agency also executed the first-ever competitive domination across the Google Display Network and multiple ad exchanges. Any content related to BMW's competitor vehicles was targeted for a 48-hour period, making the M5 video unavoidable among potential and present owners of competitor cars.

The brand generated over two million views of the "Bullet" video in the first week. Compared to the 2011 1M launch, which took 12 months for the "Walls" campaign video to reach four million views, the BMW M5 offline domination served as an online accelerator, achieving four million views in just one month.