Workopolis jumps on current affairs

On Sept. 4 last year, the Parti Québécois won the Quebec provincial election and former premier Jean Charest resigned as party leader.

Two days later, the news made the front page of La Presse, along with a gatefold wrap with a message from Workopolis to "open the door." The following page revealed that the party leader had resigned, with the article accompanied by an adjacent ad that read "Workopolis opens the door to a better future."

Readers shared the ad placement on their social networks and inspired Media Experts to take advantage of more topical and news-worthy pop culture events that resonate with local Canadians.

Witty editorial-style cartoon ads that addressed a current topic – such as the election of Pope Francis or the trade of Calgary's Jarome Iginla – and highlighted benefits of using were placed in newspapers in key markets.

In the first month, unique visitors to the site increased 5% nationally, 6% in Quebec, 10% in the Prairies and 26% in B.C. People talking about the brand on Facebook increased by 671% and engagement on its social media page generated 6,136 job searches on