Amway shows it's always on

Amway is an e-commerce platform that has millions of global independent sales agents selling products in the health, beauty and home categories. In recent years, its "favourability" index was waning, especially among the Gen X and Y audience, due to negative press alluding to it being a pyramid scheme.

In the past, the company relied on eight-week-long TV campaigns, but PHD found that to communicate its message of "always open, always on" as well as change the digitally-savvy consumers' unfavourable view of the company, it would need to move its marketing online, for an entire year.

Amway partnered with Microsoft Advertising to create three specially-curated editorial environments in MSN's lifestyle section. The agency helped create three months worth of spring "True Beauty" editorial features (which spoke about Amway's beauty products), three months of "Summer Ready" (health, body and bath products) and three months of fall/winter "House and Home" (cleaning brands).

The wholly digital campaign drove high levels of consumer engagement and new perceptions of the brand. And while it's still in progress, early measurements indicate a success, with time spent with the branded content averaging three-and-a-half minutes (versus the average two minutes on MSN). Also, an Engagement Impact study reported that those who viewed the content were tthree-and-a-half times more likely to perform an Amway search or visit its website.