Transit gets Snuggle-d

Working moms find most days stressful, having to juggle work, family life and everything in between. So to demonstrate Snuggle's new positioning of "a soft touch in a challenging world," PHD wrapped out-of-home touchpoints with fabric and textures after they had been washed by the laundry softener.

The brand utilized media to provide unexpected soft spots in places moms frequent throughout the day. Ads were placed in malls, office buildings and transit areas with the tagline "Get Snuggled" and messages tailored to the specific media, for example, "This train has been Snuggled."

Bringing a new meaning to "consumer touchpoint," the agency helped increase sales for the fabric softener by 6% compared to the year before and caused a stir on social media with consumers tweeting about the ads and comparing them to a "soft pillow" after a long day and making for the "Best seat on the GO [train]."