Addition Elle

"Ashley Graham"

In 2013 Addition Elle, a "plus-size" women's clothing retailer, launched its first line of Ashley Graham branded lingerie. Studies show that the best Addition Elle ambassadors are women with confidence in and who are not ashamed of their size.

So OMD developed a new type of targeting that has never been seen in the market before, in order to convince these brand advocates to share the launch. The strategy was to reach plus size women while they were in a state of seduction (and the perfect mindset to buy lingerie).

The agency developed national partnerships with dating sites to position Addition Elle in the context of seduction. It also negotiated a new type of targeting based on body type, a first for the industry. Only women self-described as "plus size" were targeted. The agency wanted to reach those who were not afraid to affirm their curves.

Secondly, the agency used Facebook as a retargeting platform, and encouraged these women to share the new collection. A "live chat" with Ashley Graham was organized on Twitter to enable plus size women to discuss and endorse the brand message "seduction is a state of mind."

The campaign reached more than 2.8 million consumers (76% of the target) at a cost per click of $0.69 versus industry benchmark at $1.85. New users spent 154% more time on the site, and the online sales objectives were exceeded by 118%.