Smart Canada

"Smartcity project"

Smart is unfortunately perceived as poor value, too small, funny looking, and unsafe. As a result, Smart sales were stagnant despite the overall category seeing rapid growth. It needed to re-introduce the brand to "smart" people who don't actually want a "car."

"Smart people" take pride in their community and care about the environment, but not their cars. In fact, most don't even own or think they need a car. The idea was to create a program that allows smart to connect with other "smart people" and make their city better.

The "Smartcity project" was launched as an online community where people could submit their "city betterment" ideas and which led to smart investing $50,000 in the winning idea.

The digital campaign inspired thousands of submissions, from revamping Toronto's home recycling bins to permanent ping pong tables in parks. The winning idea was to furnish city streets with solar powered bus shelters, equipped with a cell phone charger.

OMD approached Quebec City OOH suppliers first. After sourcing solar panels, finding locations with enough light to power the TSA, selecting the phone chargers and keeping them out of theft's way,the solar powered, cell phone charging TSA launched in April in Quebec City.

The agency decided to create another one in Toronto and added wire lighting within the glass to illuminate the creative (Toronto's skyline) at night.

The agency used a media innovation to build a connection between smart people and the brand, which translated to 33% increase in single car sales in the market. The TSA has already been replicated and purchased by another advertiser in Toronto. What's more, the carbon neutral TSA's are saving each city 2.46 kw / day in electricity.