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GarnierFructis Damage Eraser Launch

GarnierFructis has been struggling with a perception problem. While the brand remains strong in the Normal Hair segment, Garnier lacks authority in the Dry / Damaged Hair segment, which has led to a decline in brand penetration year-over-year.

Many women damage their hair daily through the use of styling accessories such as blow dryers and hair straighteners, and look to the Internet for advice on treatment.

From this insight, MEC decided to reach consumers through the online blogger community. It partnered with Influenster to invite 1,000 Canadian online influencers to trial the brand's Damage Eraser Dry & Damaged hair formula.

The sampling was structure with two waves — the first wave was blind (bloggers not knowing the associated brand) and a second reveal wave in which the influencers received branded products. In the next phase, a montage video with real influencer reviews and brand survey results was created.

The video lived in Rich Media, TruView and pre-roll — all of which linked to online samples and coupons. During the digital push, the campaign was also supported with two TV spots and print SPs and DPS with a product sample. All channels directed visitors to Garnier's online platforms where they could order product samples and download coupons.

Over the course of the trial, influencers were asked to complete three social actions: post a comment on social media, write a product review on a blog or YouTube, and write a review on Walmart.ca. The reviews were overwhelmingly favourable, with 98% posting positive reviews of the product.

The GarnierFructis Damage Eraser campaign garnered 14.4 million social impressions (three times the initial objective of 4.5 million) without any traditional media support. Additionally, GarnierFructis found in the survey that 99% of respondants would recommend Damage Eraser to a friend and 95% said it was effective on damaged hair. The online influencer video garnered 277,000 videos on YouTube.