Rideau Hall Foundation

"My Giving Moment 2013"

People do things every day that help others but don't think of them as "charity." So the Rideau Hall Foundation and MEC set out to inform, inspire and celebrate acts of kindness and encourage Canadians to find their "Giving Moments."

The budget wasn't huge, so the agency worked to donate media space. The agency launched the campaign nationally and created awareness just before the holiday season. It partnered with CBC/Radio Canada to weave the foundation's message into its programming. On-air personalities shared their "Giving Moments" stories as pre-recorded vignettes.

Stephen and Chris arranged makeovers for viewer nominated volunteers. Mamma Yamma talked to kids about the importance of giving. A Hockey Night in Canada segment was created to showcase the charity work done by NHL'ers. Battle of the Blades teams talked about the charities they were competing for and the importance of "Giving Moments." Radio interviews and segments were aired and stations rallied their employees to get out and give.

A conservative estimate of overall media value quadrupled the paid media budget and Canadians embraced the movement. Year two of the initiative will be in market later this year.