Nike's hyper-local approach

Nike needed to cut through the city clutter to reach the young, urban, fitness-focused woman at a time when they needed that extra push, in exciting and creative ways.

Geo-focused in the Toronto market, "Better For It" aimed to reach the brand's "modern girl of fitness" between 18 and 24.

Jungle Media's insight with these young women was that they are inundated with messaging and communication all day. They are the master of social media and text messaging, and rarely look up from their phones.

To break through the noise, Jungle selected six murals in targeted neighbourhoods known to house or attract the target.

Using a hyper-localized approach with the insights we pulled from the locations themselves, and working closely with production and creative, Jungle negotiated very unique use of the space to ensure maximum impact.

For example, in a neighbourhood rumoured to have dog-sized raccoons, Jungle put a six-foot 3D raccoon on a rooftop above a mural with the representing message. It also rented out the apartment next to a mural and set up a motorized mannequin doing pull-ups, challenging to target to keep up.

It also had street level wildpostings shaped like abs, catching the attention of any passerby.

Signs changed based on time of day to ensure messaging would remain relevant.

In the four weeks the murals were in market, it generated approximately 2.5 million impressions.

The feedback was so positive that an extra bonus week tacked on another 500,000 impressions.

The creativity also led to a lot of social amplification with users tweeting and Instagramming pictures of the boards allowing Nike's social accounts to continue the conversation.