Ikea encourages sharing

Ikea wanted to awaken people to the idea that it's worth making the change to an organized and stylish bathroom. It needed Canadians to think of Ikea as a brand that understands life at home, and especially what a family needs from a room they all have to share.

Jungle needed to insert Ikea into the most intimate morning household routine in order to prove to Canadians that they need the retailer to help them stay organized.

The solution also needed to communicate to families in real-time, helping daughters tell dads to stop reading their iPads on the toilet so they could get to school, or helping mothers to tell sons to pick up their wet towels off the floor — in the moment.

To do this, Jungle developed Real-time Dynamic IP Remarketing.

The idea was simple: allow Ikea.ca users to create custom ad units that vent their bathroom sharing frustration. This ad would then be served to the user's home IP address within minutes.

An interactive experience on the site allowed users to create custom banner ads which were instantaneously stored in a dynamic feed along with the user's household IP address.

Using custom programs created by Jungle's buying team, the IPs and custom banners were automatically implemented as buying parameters in real-time. The agency then programmatically bought ad space matching these IPs, and delivered the appropriate custom ad to create a hyper-personalized household experience.

Despite all other media support remaining unchanged from last year, Ikea saw bathroom sales increase by over 12% in stores and 34% online.

Over 17,000 Canadians visited the ad creation page during the three week campaign, resulting in over 800,000 custom banner impressions served — and 500 bathroom conflicts resolved.

The campaign was the only submission from a Canadian media agency to be shortlisted at the 2015 Cannes Lions Festival. It was shortlisted once in the Media category and twice in the Cyber category.